Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain: Sue

Hey, everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today we will be continuing a project I have been working on called Adenomyosis: The truth behind the pain. I have over 50 and counting women who are ready to tell their story. I was a little discouraged, but I realize these stories need to be read. WeContinue reading “Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain: Sue”

Black Women and Spiritually.

Black women and spiritually most of everyone I know was raised in the church. Every Sunday we got up and dressed in our best clothes and socks, I still hear the popping of the hot comb. ( Yikes lol) I sat through the gospel service, the screams, and jumping around. I remember people passing outContinue reading “Black Women and Spiritually.”

How to survive Quarantine and Save Your Relationship

Are you being forced into quarantine with the love of your life? Even some pets are not taking the stay at home all day movement. The coronavirus crisis has many consequences, from anxiety to depression. I pray everyone is staying covered and protected. If you have a small business like me or was recently laidContinue reading “How to survive Quarantine and Save Your Relationship”