30 Days of Juices and Smoothies: Golden Tea For Cramps

Hey everyone, and welcome back to 30 days of Juice & Smoothies. If you are new here, we will be posting juice and smoothie recipes along with tips, tricks, and more for the next 19 days. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow, so you don’t miss a thing. Welcome to day 11!  Breaking the rules today, IContinue reading “30 Days of Juices and Smoothies: Golden Tea For Cramps”

Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain: Jen

ADENOMYOSIS THE TRUTH BEHIND THE PAIN: Hey everyone, good evening, and welcome back. Today we are reading Jen’s story. Jen has had a hysterectomy and is here with an encouraging story. Would you like a real name or fake name used? Just going by Jen is fine Where are you from?  New Zealand How old were whenContinue reading “Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain: Jen”