30 days of Juices and Smoothies: Orangesicle

Hey everyone, welcome back for Day 6 of our juice/smoothie fest!!! Today we are going to be making orangesicle ( smoothie). It is made with sweet potato, clementine, and carrot. It’s a lovely, healthy treat for any time of the day.Ā  Day 6 ( September 29 2020) Orangesicle Ingredients:  1/2-1 cup of unsweetened plain almondContinue reading “30 days of Juices and Smoothies: Orangesicle”

Juice of the day : Tropical CarrotšŸ„•

Tropical Carrot; Heaven in a bottle blended with Oranges, Tumeric, Pineapples, and Carrots. Our Tropical Carrot is a good source of Antioxidants, Vitamin A, B6, Magnesium, and Vitamin C. Our best seller fights Inflammation and bloating at the same time. It’s one of our best sellers and to find out why you should try forContinue reading “Juice of the day : Tropical CarrotšŸ„•”