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Aloha everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I have taken a much needed mental break and I am happy to be in a much better place. If you follow me on social media you know I have been posting more about different herbs, vegetables and fruits that help heal. Today I want to highlight a few of things I have been covering. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media platforms for updates on my online store and much more. Thank you for all the continued support.




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Jumping right in I have so far talked about cabbage, elderberry, calendula and horseradish. Today I will talk about cabbage If there is any particular herb, fruit or vegetable you would like to learn about please let me know.


Cabbage is an exceptionally healthy food. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage contain many different antioxidants that have been shown to reduce chronic inflammation Eating more cabbage is an excellent way to keep your digestive system healthy and happy If you are on a weight loss schedule, then cabbage juice could be your health fix when you need to rejuvenate. 

Cabbage Juice : Take a firm cabbage and peel the leaves gently. Wash well with cold water and then pat dry. If there are any brown spots, cut out the damaged area. Place the leaves in a blender and blend well. Strain and drink up. You can also add mint leaves, honey and lemon.

Identification: Cabbage can be green, relish-purple or even white

Edible Use: Keeps well in a root cellar. Can be eaten raw and cooked.

Medicinal Use: Cabbage juice and Sauerkraut help with constipation. Sauerkraut juice mixed with  lemon juice may help with Diabetes

Treatment For Joint Pain: Cabbage leaves work well to clean wounds, reduce swelling and prevent infections.

Check back later today for another informative blog post! If you have any questions please leave them below!

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