Taking Care Of Yourself While Stuck In The House

Hey everyone, Welcome back!!! I had to take a little break because I was overworking. Since this whole pandemic, I have had a handful of meltdowns. I would have thought that being home so much would give me all this time, but in hindsight, it did not—the same 24 hours we had before we have now. I rebranded my business last year with such high hopes for 2020. This year has been nothing of what I thought. Now, almost done with August, December isn’t be too far. Anyone who owns a business knows the pressure you feel when you want to make it. Staying up until 4 am, missing phone calls, and being out the know. You isolate yourself even more because you are so focused. I was so consumed with the need to be perfect that I started to lose myself. I became overwhelmed and lost. I wasn’t sure what I was doing anymore or why I was even doing it. It was not until one day I woke up and realized the pattern. I have always been told you to stay in a pattern until you learn the lesson. Have you ever asked yourself some of these questions: 

· Why do I attract these kinds of men and or women?

· Why do I date people who are not emotionally available?

· Why do bad things keep happening to me?

· Why am I always in the same issues? 

These are just a few examples of “popular” patterns I always hear about. Now I am not saying I have any of these answers. But I believe this is your wake up call. What have you been ignoring? Those feelings still haven’t gone away. Solange sang it best. You can’t eat, sing, fuck, dance, or drink it away. You need to feel those feelings and find healthy outlets to express them from therapy to meditation, poetry, art, or even music. Find something that feeds your soul. One day a week, at least once a month, get 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Drink lots of water and set alarms; make sure you are listening to your body. Reconnect with the person you are becoming. 

Some of my favorite ways to relax are 1. Turning off my phone and yes, you read that right. Turning off your phone/laptop for 24 hours is like taking off a mask. You aren’t checking every app every 5 seconds. You have time to focus like on anything else. 2. Taking a nice hot BATH!!! I love water Idk if it is because I am cancer, but whenever I am in the water, I feel at home. I add bath salts, soap, bay leaves, lavender, rosemary, and more. (Bath Salts Coming Soon) 3. Journaling or blogging. Writing out your feelings, then burning them is such a release literally. Letting go of old things and making space for new love, hope, and peace is a mood. 4. Venting. If you are anything like me, you are the “strong friend.” You feel like you can’t or shouldn’t vent to anyone. It’s like a sign of weakness. Being the “perfect friend.” I am here to encourage you to drop that way of thinking. Everyone needs someone. I know it is hard, and I know how you feel. It’s scary being vulnerable; of not knowing how they will react. But find someone who makes you feel safe. To anyone who knows a strong friend, please check on them. Reassure them that it’s okay to be vulnerable. Now only do that if you your self feel open to do so. You can’t fill a cup if you’re empty. 

I encourage you to TAKE A BREAK when needed!

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