Sea Moss

Hey everyone, Welcome back! Today we are going to be talking about seamoss. Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, red algae, or Chondrus crispuswhich offers us a variety of health benefits. Sea moss is jam-packed full of potassium! The cells of the body cannot function without potassium, though strangely, our bodies do not have a mechanism to conserve potassium. Adding high-potassium foods like sea moss to the diet can significantly improve behavior and mental functioning (especially for ADD children). High potassium foods are also beneficial for fibromyalgia, moodiness, agitation, depression, and anxiety disorders. Irish moss is also an excellent source of a range of B vitamins, which are well known for supporting the nervous system and reducing stress. This food is like a warm cup of tea with a good book by the fire for the nervous system. Sea moss has a gummy consistency, meaning it can help act as a soothing and healing agent to all mucous membranes (great for external skin health and internal digestive tract health). Recent animal studies show that it has probiotic effects as well, leading to increased production of essential short-chain fatty acids in the colon, a reduction of detrimental bacteria in the gut, and improvements in overall gut health and immunity. I have personally used and use sea moss in my diet and am happy to announce that we will have sea moss in our online store very soon. The benefit goes on and on. Sea moss helps relieve and prevents symptoms of colds and flu – how perfect for the cold and flu season, but also year-round immunity. Irish moss is a source of potassium chloride, a nutrient which helps with (inflammation and phlegm in the mucous membranes), which cause congestion. It contains compounds that act as a natural antimicrobial and antiviral agents, helping to boost immunity and get rid of any infections.

Hello, natural cough syrup!

Cold, flu-like, and other coughy-mucousy conditions the moss helps with include:

  • Sore throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Chesty coughs

Irish moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need, along with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. It is especially rich in calcium and iodine, as well as containing potassium iodide and potassium bromide, selenium, zinc, and natural silica. Irish moss can be acquired in its dried state in health food stores, Caribbean markets, or you can buy some online. It then needs to be soaked for 4-6 hours or overnight, after which it has to be thoroughly rinsed to remove dirt, sand, salt, and debris before consumption.

Sea moss is tasteless, so that you can add it to a variety of dishes. It’s an especially great plant-based substitute for gelatin or other thickening agents. The traditional Jamaican Irish moss drink is a popular option, but you can also put it in:

  1. Smoothies 
  2. Juices
  3. Cakes
  4. Sauces
  5. Homemade ice cream
  6. Stews and soups

Remember, since Irish moss has little to no flavor, you can get creative when it comes to reaping the benefits of this nutritious algae. So don’t be afraid to experiment. You might come up with a new, tasty recipe. As always, I am a herbalist in training and not a certified doctor. Please always consult with your doctor if you have any concerns before changing your diet. Be on the lookout for our sea moss line! Talk soon!

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