How to workout for you

BY Joshua Elliott

Hey everyone, today is gonna be a little different as compared to how my wife usually does things lol. I’m going to try to give you everything you need to do only what is necessary for you to get the results you want out of your workouts. Yes, diet is just as important as the working out portion, but if you aren’t working out for who you are inside then it won’t be as effective and that summer body you’ve been praying for will take much longer to achieve. There are three different body types that everyone should be aware of: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Understanding the differences between the three and the differences in training used can make your effort that much more worthwhile when you see your results that much faster.

First off is the ectomorph. This type of person always seems to be able to eat whatever they want and NEVER gain any weight. They are known for their lanky and lean arms and legs, thinner shoulders, high metabolism, and even higher appetite. The best thing for these types to do is to stick to the HEAVY weights as much as much as possible. I recommend 5-8 sets of the medium to heavy weight in order to overcome that urge to give up all the weight you just worked for. Also, when training, it is imperative that you stick to the LARGE diets. If ectomorphs wanna grow up to be big and strong then they have to eat like it. Big meals consisting of at least 60% carbs in order to keep that weight on. Needless to say, cardio should be the farthest thing from the regimen in which an ectomorph should be attached to. 

Second, the endomorph is probably one of the most frustrating if you can’t understand it. This class consists of the “big-boneded” individuals that can NEVER seem to lose weight. They are normally seen with a higher percentage of body fat and little muscle definition because the layer is covered by a layer of fat. The best examples of this type of frame would be Jack Black or Chris Pratt. These are true endomorphs and demonstrate the transformations that can be made as an endomorph. In order to train effectively as an endomorph, the best regimen to use would be High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This would incorporate the use of heavy weights that could be done in an ectomorph regimen but will also incorporate all of the cardio needed to keep up with the accelerated weight gain known for endomorphs. The diet of an endomorph should be more of a high fat, low carb diet. These would obviously be good fats like fruits, beans, nuts, and the like in order to get the protein and vitamins needed to heal from the intense workouts and stay in the shape that you’ve worked to get. Keeping the calories low is going to be key in order to keeping the weight down in the transformation process as an endomorph

This body type is coveted by men and women alike. Our favorite superheroes and tv shows always display this body type as the most appealing and it seems to be the thing everyone works towards. The mesomorph has the most aesthetically pleasing build for bodybuilders with their thin waist, broad shoulders, and symmetrical build. For mesomorphs, everything comparative to building muscle and losing fat always comes easier. This means that no matter what training regimen you take on, you will build the muscle. At that point it all depends on how much you want to gain and how your diet, either high or low caloric intake, will affect you in the long run. 

2 thoughts on “How to workout for you

  1. I’m def a ectomorph. I eat big but I also run 6miles a week too. Could I scale back on the miles or would I have to take the cardio out completely ?


    1. Hi! if you want to see results in your weight gain then taking out the cardio is the best route. The only alternative would be carb loading the day of your runs in order to mitigate the loss. Once you see a pattern in your gains and the weight you want to achieve, then you can get back to his regular cardio!


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